Future Events

8th – 11th August
Evensong services at Norwich Cathedral
15th October, 3pm
St. Thomas Church, Goring
Autumn concert

Evensong at Norwich Cathedral

"Norwich Cathedral" by David Nicholls; licence CC BY 2.0

This year, the choir's annual cathedral visit will be to Norwich. From Monday 8th to Thursday 11th of August we will sing the choral evensong services. These annual visits are a highlight of the choir's year—a chance to combine beautiful music with spiritual calm. If you or anyone you know will be in Norwich during that time, please come and enjoy the services.

Concert Ticket Bookings

To book tickets for our concerts, please send email to tickets@goringchamberchoir.org.uk

Top Notes

The Gap Festival

The choir's contributions to the Gap Festival were well received. At the Festival Market in the rectory gardens there was a good crowd browsing the stalls despite occasional showers. We entertained them with a selection of madrigals from the reign of the first Elizabeth, together with folk pieces ranging from the 13th century Summer is icumen in to John Whitworth's contemporary satire The mermaid.

On Tuesday 7th we sang extracts from Handel's Messiah as interludes to an evening with Stacy Halls, the Lancashire-born author who now lives in Goring. Among Stacey's acclaimed novels is one, The Foundling, set around Georgian London's first foundling hospital. Handel was a supporter and governor of the hospital. Messiah was performed as a benefit concert in the hospital chapel, to resounding success, and Handel in his will left a full copy of the work to the hospital so that they could continue performances.

"A glorious concert" at Douai Abbey

Our 70th anniversary concert at Douai Abbey on 23rd April drew much praise from the audience. Joined by professional soloists and a baroque orchestra, we performed Handel's Dixit Dominus and Haydn's Missa in Angustiis, known as the ‘Nelson Mass’. One member of the audience was moved to write to us:
“A glorious concert. The singing was simply beautiful. There is a goodly body of men’s voices in the choir which adds wonderful depth. The sopranos made a fabulous unified clear and pure sound that floated over the top. The choir ended with the most spine tingling moment of all – a short but beautiful unaccompanied sung Celtic Prayer.”
The bass soloist, John Savournin (@jsavournin), tweeted
"Lovely concert tonight in the unique Douai Abbey with @GoringCChoir. To close, the choir sang a beautiful, unaccompanied piece, reflecting on current events. Very moving. Congratulations all"

If you would like to read more about this milestone in the choir's history, click below to see the programme.

About the Choir

Based in Goring-on-Thames, our choir draws members from around South Oxfordshire and Berkshire. We sing all year round, giving concerts in Spring, Autumn and at Christmas. Our repertoire ranges from the Classical through traditional to contemporary music. While our concerts always have familiar and popular pieces, we enjoy exploring new or lesser-known works — it keeps our programme fresh.

With such a strong showing over so wide a range of musical styles, there will be much to look forward to in Goring Chamber Choir's future concerts Henley Standard

More about the choir

We welcome singers to join the choir. If you'd like to become a member, contact us and come to a few of our rehearsals on Thursday evenings — you can join in and see how it feels. If you want to go ahead, you'll audition with our Musical Director. Our singers must be able to read sheet music, as we don't learn by ear, but we're not all polished sight-readers.

Goring Chamber Choir on CD


A collection of pieces from Goring Chamber Choir's broad repertoire of sacred and secular works, from Haydn and Mozart to Gershwin and Rodgers. On the way, we visit the great Victorian and Edwardian church composers, some traditional folk songs and a barber shop number.Full details

Christmas Souvenir

The choir at Christmas. Plainsong and medieval carols rub shoulders with contemporary Christmas music from around the world, and new settings cast fresh light on ancient and mystic texts.Full details

What is love?

This collection explores the many facets of love: from youthful desire through religious passion, love in adversity, the intertwining of souls, to separation and loss.Full details

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